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Can I Help You?

March 8th marks the 105th anniversary of International Women’s Day. This annual event recognizes women's achievements and celebrates acts of courage and determination by ordinary women who have made a difference.  Gorgeous You exists today because of such women.  We take pride in the fact that many of our product lines were developed by women who have been personally touched by cancer, when they saw a need in the market that was not being met.  These women are survivors helping other survivors, women helping women. Their strength, courage and determination to make things easier for those that would come after them is what has inspired us. 

Once Kendra and I had finalized the concept for Gorgeous You - it was time for us to start curating products for the site.  We were on a mission to uncover products that would really work to improve the lives and shopping experience for survivors.  One day while conducting some research online we can across the website Ana Ono.  We were impressed by the beautiful products and the company’s mission – Dana Donofree’s words:

Made for women with breast cancer by women with breast cancer. I began to design the first pieces out of my own necessity and desire for pretty, sexy, beautiful lingerie during a recovery period that was everything but. I made it my mission to design specifically for those who’ve had breast reconstruction, breast surgery, mastectomy, or are living with other conditions that cause pain or discomfort because I believe that comfort should not be a compromise.

While on the site a chat bubble appeared with the words “can I help you?” Those four words were so symbolic of the journey we were about to go on.  With Dana’s expertise, encouragement and help Ana Ono became the first official line Gorgeous You decided to carry.  The time she spent with us, the liberal conditions on our first inventory orders, her openness to communicate with Ana Ono Canadian consumers on our behalf to direct them to our website, her insights and connections that led us to many other manufactures on the site – all acts that came from a place of honestly wanting us to succeed.  This willingness to help is something that we have experienced over and over again with the many women we have met on our journey.  From Tina to Carolyn, Kory, Paulette, Tiffany, Sabrina, Marnie, Tracy, Priyanka, Clover, Molly and Kristen, it is clear that our journey as women is a collective one – we are not in this alone. 

I shared some of our early interactions with my husband Casey.  I talked about the collaboration and willingness on all sides to make things work, about flexibility and trust, and doing the right thing even if meant a little extra risk, or a little less money in the bank right away.  His reaction said it all: “I don’t think that men could do this.”

Kendra and I are very proud to have created the gorgeousyou.ca solution so that we can be part of this community of women who are inspired to make life better for other women, who want to be part of the solution, and who start their day with the simple thought: “can I help you?”

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