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Developing a Positive Body Image After Cancer

Raising a daughter, one of the things I am constantly asking myself is how do I teach her body confidence and to develop a positive body image when my "after cancer' body is less than perfect in the eyes of what is considered beautiful in society today?  I try to be so careful when I looked in the mirror not to berate my round stomach or my breast-less chest, but is that enough? I am still terrified of putting on a bikini or getting changed at the gym in front of other women.  Even my mother is no longer allowed in the change room when I go shopping. 


I recently read an article discussing body image.  The statistic it sighted was that 78% of females over the age of 17 are unhappy with their bodies.  78%!  If that number is correct, I could only imagine how women after surviving cancer feel.  With that in mind, I went looking for that information and found a recent poll (BreastCancerCare.org) of more than 600 women who have had breast cancer.  In the research, 88% said the disease and its treatment has had a negative impact on the way they now feel about their bodies. How are daughters of women affected by cancer ever going to develop a strong sense of self and body image if their own mothers don’t have it? 

My dear friend Louisa Jewell, a positive psychology expert, recently wrote a great article for Canadian Living that tackled this issue.  Her advice and tips really resonated with me and I am very excited to share her insight with all of you.  In her own words, “it’s time to turn our body consciousness into body confidence."  Please take a read!




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