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Finding The Right Bra After Your Breast Surgery, During Treatment and Beyond

Finding the right bra after breast surgery and cancer treatment can be a challenge whether you are having a mastectomy, lumpectomy, reconstruction or radiation. It may take up to a year for the area to recover from surgery, the nerves to repair and any skin changes from radiotherapy to settle down. During that time you want to feel comfortable above all else.  That being said many women don’t want to sacrifice style.  There are many bras on the market that allow you to have both.  This article will cover some tips to keep in mind while selecting your post surgery and treatment bras as well as highlight some excellent bras for breast cancer survivors.

In the first year after breast surgery (such as a mastectomy or lumpectomy), it’s best to wear a bra that has soft seams, a wide band (the band that goes under the cups and round your back), deep front and side panels, fully adjustable straps, minimal detailing and no underwire.

Initially after breast surgery you may have swelling. Try to find a bra that fits on the loosest hook so it can be worn looser to begin with and then gradually tightened as the swelling goes down.

When it comes to finding a comfortable bra, especially post-surgery or after a mastectomy, we know it's all about finding a super-soft bra. What makes one post-mastectomy bra style soft versus other wire-free bra styles is the fabric.

As AnaOno (our most popular line of post surgical and treatment bras) explains:

“Most bras made of cotton are only moderately soft and don't give our bodies that skin-on-skin or barely-there feeling we all crave. And when healing from a breast surgery or recovering after radiation therapy, moderate levels of softness just isn't good enough.

Modal is the fabric of choice for AnaOno. Modal fabric is an ultra-soft fiber made from beech trees. It is stretchy, absorbent and beyond breathable, making it the perfect foundation for our comfortable mastectomy bras and post-surgical bras. It is cool to the touch and moisture-wicking, yet will offer the support you need without irritating your sensitive skin post-surgery or scars.

Modal is the perfect fabric for your post-mastectomy bra or recovery bra for many reasons. As an incredibly luxurious fabric, it is cool to the touch, 50% more absorbent than cotton and feels remarkably similar in texture to silk. Unlike cotton, it is resistant to shrinkage and less likely to fade in color or pill (you know, those little annoying bumps). Its excellent durability despite its silky texture is important since you'll spend a lot of time in these bras after undergoing breast surgery.

In addition to being extraordinarily smooth and soft, modal fabric breathes remarkably well and features moisture-wicking properties. You don't want areas that are still healing to get hot and sweaty, so this quality is a major benefit to wearing a modal bra. It's also a stable material, so your supportive post-mastectomy bra will not lose shape, making it beautiful beyond surgery so you can continue to wear your comfortable wire-free modal post-mastectomy bras for years after your recovery from surgery.“

Below are some of the super soft, super comfortable and super stylish modal bras Gorgeous You carries.

The Molly Bra has a plunging neckline, that looks great with a low-cut top but feels as comfy as a lounge bra. Molly is a must-have post-mastectomy bra. It's also an excellent bra for recovery from radiation because of the breathable and comforting modal material that never irritates sensitive skin.

Super soft super comfortable AnaOno Pocketed Post Surgery Mastectomy Bra

 The Monica Bra, also a modal mastectomy bra, offers the most comfortable, full-coverage support. It's so soft, you won't even know you have it on. This style is great for fuller busts since it has a slightly higher neckline compared to the plunging bras. It's super-supple on sensitive skin and is pocketed to accommodate breast forms. With adjustable straps, The Monica is as versatile as it is comfortable. A go-to for full coverage and modest support after breast surgery, mastectomy or radiation.

 The Front Closure Bra was voted Best Post-Mastectomy Bra by InStyle Magazine and is the all-around favorite wire-free front-closure recovery bra. It offers an ideal fit and feel while you recover from breast surgery, including single or double mastectomy, and is a go-to for those looking for a comfortable, wire-free, super-soft everyday front-closure bra. It can even be worn beyond recovery thanks to its timeless, chic design. Nursing mothers and those with limited mobility from heart surgery, shoulder surgery or another major procedure also love the ease of the front-closure design. This universal style suits various breast surgery types, including reconstruction, flat and au natural.


 The Leslie Bra is a comfortable post-mastectomy lounge bra style for your rest days, everyday or even a light workout. The design features sporty mesh panels that provide breath-ability and light support with double-layer super soft modal. It is stretchy enough to step into it and comes pocketed to accommodate your favorite prosthetic. It looks amazing on flat, unilateral, reconstructed, DIEP flap and those who've had a lumpectomy or radiation. We designed the Leslie because we all deserve something soft, comfortable and beautiful.

The Delilah Bra is the perfect everyday bra that is feminine, flirty and fun. It is easy to pullover, pocketed and comes with removable modesty pad for a super-smooth finish. This wire-free post-mastectomy bralette made of modal and stretch lace has convertible and adjustable straps so you can customize your fit. Ideal for double and single mastectomies, breast reconstruction, DIEP flap or unilateral and flat with breast forms, the Delilah is also the best sleep bra for other breast surgeries, such as augmentation, reduction and lifts.

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