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Flat is Beautiful - Celebrate International Flat Day

Today October 7th 2019 marks the very first International FLAT Day.

 International FLAT Day was created to celebrate going flat – to promote breast reconstruction awareness, to promote flat closure (breastless, chest wall reconstruction after mastectomy), to promote flat reconstruction as a valid choice, and to bring together the flat community.

As I have written in our blog series in the past, I am a young women that chose to remain flat.  It has been a wonderful option for me and a choice I am very happy with.  Over the years I have gone down the path to reconstruction twice only to change my mind - once only 3 days before my scheduled surgery!  It was communities and resources like the ones that I am sharing with you below that have made me feel wonderful, smart and brave about my choice. The choice to reconstruct or not to reconstruct after Breast Cancer is very much a personal one and ALL women needed to feel supported, beautiful and whole, no matter what decision they make.

I wanted to share information from the International Flat Day Facebook page as well as a link to their new brochure, "FLAT is Beautiful" designed specifically for women facing breast cancer surgery or explant of breast implants.  This brochure features many excellent flat resources like the ones listed below.  Just click on the links to go directly to the specific organization or to print out the complete brochure, simply click on the very last resource link provided below. 

A huge personal thank you to the women that have championed this message.  I am so grateful for your devotion to this message and to providing these resources to women like myself.



Flat & Fabulous


Flat Closure NOW

Not Putting on a Shirt



Flat in Canada

Flatties Unite

Breastless and Beautiful

Fabulously Flat (Unreconstructed Breast Cancer Survivors)

Fierce, Flat, Forward

Flat & Fabulous

My Flat Friends



Flat Is Where It's At 

Last Cut Project



Flatter Fashion

Fantastic Flat Fashions

I Don't Need Two



FLAT - Reclaiming My Body From Breast Cancer 



The Breast and the Sea

The SCAR Project

The Grace Project



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