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Gorgeous You Partners Step Up in The COVID Pandemic

We wanted to share with our GY community all the wonderful things our industry partners have been up to in this challenging time. We are impressed with how these companies have stepped up to help not only our community of women but the community at large. We feel so grateful that they are a part of our Gorgeous You family.

Look Good Feel Better


With the unprecedented situation of COVID-19, Look Good Feel Better is adapting to this new reality by offering virtual workshops to ensure that women with cancer across Canada continue to feel a sense of community and have access to tools to help them navigate what they are going through more easily.

Historically facilitated in-person at hospitals across Canada, Look Good Feel Better’s workshops teach practical tips and techniques to manage the appearance-related effects of cancer. More than that, the workshops bring women together, creating a supportive community that helps women gain more confidence.

Look Good Feel Better is offering two virtual workshops free of charge.

Using interactive technology, an expert Look Good Feel Better volunteer demonstrates application techniques along with tips around wig selection, application and makeup hygiene. The virtual workshops are delivered in small-group settings, allowing for the same sense of connection as our in-person workshops. Whether through Skincare & Cosmetics or Wigs & Hair Alternatives workshops, participants will be able to follow along and ask questions from the comfort of their own home. Women can register for one or both workshops if they choose to. Register online at https://lgfb.ca/en/workshop/


Flipside Hats and Chemo Beanies



Times of crisis can bring out the best in us, and during the coronavirus crisis many businesses and individuals have joined the fight with actions and donations. Flipside Hats and Chemo Beanies are two such companies. Flipside Hats have made changes to their production facilities and are now making 10,000 face masks per week available for donation to hospitals, nursing homes and other facilities as well as selling them on their website. These washable cotton particle filtering masks are double layered and are triple pleated on the sides for comfortable breathing room and a close fit. Chemo Beanies are donating one head wrap for every product purchased to front line health care workers. According to

St. Tammy’s Parish Hospital in LA, one of the organizations that are receiving the Chemo Beanies, many of those on the front lines of the coronavirus fight are finding that head-cap scarves designed for cancer patients come in handy as a supplement to hospital-issued personal protective equipment. According to nurse Brittany Fussell RN, her Chemo Beanie not only gives her peace of mind that she’s not carrying contaminants in her hair when she’s done with her shift, but it also protects her from the elastic bands that hold her surgical mask and face shield in place.

Well done!

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