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September Reset

I woke up this morning with that “September is upon us” feeling.  Labour day Monday….there is a subtle shift in the house as my kids are preparing to return to class and I am putting the finishing touches on my lecture for tomorrow at the college.  I have always felt that September is truly the start of the New Year – more so than January 1st - that seems to me to be more of a forced renewal.  September is truly about new beginnings – new schedules, a chance to establish new routines, new priorities and to start fresh. 

 For me the biggest question I am asking myself this September is how do I really want to spend my time? I am reflecting on the details of each day and asking myself how can I allot sufficient time for the essentials and more importantly, what are they?  After a health scare like a cancer diagnosis it’s easy, out of the gate, to drop everything and prioritize what is important.  Spending time with my kids, my husband, family and friends took a front seat.  Thinking about my diet, exercise, sleep and managing stress were top of mind and top priority.  But ten years out, the memory of my health scare fades a bit and with it my fierce determination to be ruthless with my time and how I am spending it.

 So this September as I press the reset button I am asking myself: What in my daily and weekly routines do I need more of? What do I need less of?  What do I need to add in or cut out all together? This is all of course blanketed in the question of what it really important to me and what should my priorities be?  I sometimes need to go back to that June day in 2008 when the answer was so crystal clear.  And so as I establish my new routines for the fall and map out how I will spend my time – some of the most important things bubble easily to the top of the list.  This week amongst the crazy of heading back to school and saying good bye to summer I will be meeting my Mom for lunch, running with my daughter as we prep for an October 5km, going to bed at 10:00 pm to ensure my 8 hours of sleep, meeting with friends to walk the dogs, having a date night with my hubby, all while enjoying my green breakfast smoothies!  As September hits you, don’t just wander to the next thing that pops up, make conscious choices on where you spend your time.


For specific tips on kicking off the Fall “New Year” take a read of this helpful article – “September is a Time to Reset” from Beproductive.ie


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