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September's Gorgeous Woman of the Month is Molly Borman

Written by Molly Borman

I started Just Nips Fake Nipples as a fun way to express myself. To put it simply, I loved the extra-chilly look! I knew I wanted to start a company that gave back, and because we were dealing with boobs from the start, I had a feeling we'd be tied in with the breast cancer community somehow. I thought the big names in the breast cancer world would welcome us with open arms - the little guy (girl!) on the block trying to get the word out about the importance of self-checks. I thought it would be easy to walk right into some of the biggest names in the business and say "we're here to help!" I couldn't have been more wrong. 

I was pitching and pitching and pitching our willingness to help and how great it would be to get the word out. My pitch was all backwards. What I didn't realize at the time was that breast cancer thrivers don't want more awareness, thrivers want nipples! Of course, we understand not everyone wants nipples, but for the women who do… we’re here to help! What’s more? No invasive surgery required!

As we started to grow as a fashion company, women who had been touched by breast cancer and thrivers themselves wrote, called and texted begging to try Just Nips - a cuter alternative than any other nipple prosthetic on the market. Our answer? Absolutely! I was thrilled to help anyway I could and that meant revamping our company from the inside out. We hired a medical engineer to make sure all our adhesives were safe, non-sensitizing and latex-free. We brought all manufacturing to my home state of Michigan to ensure the highest level of quality. And then we started our donation program where we offer free Just Nips to support groups, chemo centers and hospitals all over the world. 

I am so fortunate the breast cancer community was willing to teach me about one of the most under-discussed after effects of the disease and embrace Just Nips as a fun, fashionable alternative. 

We are real women making real products for real women - it's that simple.  And that what makes me feel absolutely gorgeous! 

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