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The Healing Power of Crystals

Co-Authored by Jazzy Ross

 Photo Credit: Energy Muse

I went to visit a good friend of mine a few weeks ago that had been recently diagnosed with breast cancer.  We were having a conversation that I have had countless times over the years with different women. The dialogue focused on wanting to do EVERYTHING possible to live a healthy life and taking appropriate measures during treatment and beyond to make sure the cancer did not return.  We spoke of the usual – diet, exercise, healthy sleep habits, supplements, reducing stress, meditation and then she reached into her bra and pulled out a handful of different crystals.  She explained to me that a friend (also a survivor) had given them to her to help her heal.  This women was convinced of their powers and her conviction was a gift to my friend.  My friend indicated that she could almost feel them at work; reducing her anxiety, helping her sleep, giving her positive energy and calming her mind.  I was curious and decided a little research was needed.  I thought I would share a little of what we learned.

Crystals can easily be dismissed as a way of healing for many, but when all you’re looking for is a way to keep moving forward they can act as an incredible center for positive focus. There is no doubt positivity can be a powerful healing tool for one’s mind - body connection, linking to your psychological and physical state.   

Many people believe just placing crystals on your body, easily done with a pendant around your neck or a comfortable bracelet on your arm, will help to draw out disease causing energy.  Many say it is very powerful to feel the crystals bring positive and healing energy into your body. A popular time for people that have been diagnosed with cancer is to use crystals during and after chemotherapy.

Despite the limited scientific evidence that crystals heal, some medical Doctor’s see crystals as a way to induce relaxation, which can be a major relief in stress management. Just the act reaching up to touch a talisman around your neck or crystals on your wrist can give you a moment or two of relaxation and these brief moments can be quite powerful.

Each crystal is said to have different healing properties. I found some of the most common stones to carry for cancer are rose quartz, lapis lazuli, and amethyst. Rose quartz carries the healing property of love. It calms the heart and heals it of pain. Lapis lazuli is a protection stone. It acts as a reliever of stress and soothes areas of inflammation. Finally, the Amethyst stone is considered to be an “all healer” for the mind, body, and soul. 

There are many different ways to use your crystals. One of the most common is to wear them in the form of jewellery. Some women carry the crystals directly in their bra. This being a very direct and specific method in accessing their healing properties. Others put them under their pillow while they are sleeping, or choose to meditate with them. No matter how you decide to use your crystals, always keep the positive focus on what you are trying to achieve.    

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