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Tips for Choosing the Right Swimwear After a Mastectomy

After my double mastectomy, finding the right swimwear was next to impossible.  Locating something with a flattering cut that also hides scars and accommodates prostheses makes the hunt even more challenging – not to mention how pricey mastectomy swimwear can be. It was one of the biggest desires when we launched Gorgeous You – to find great, affordable, mastectomy swimwear options that make women feel comfortable, confident as they get back to the activities they love.  Here are a few tips for choosing the right swimwear after a single or double mastectomy.


Many women choose not to undergo additional reconstructive surgery following their mastectomy, so when selecting mastectomy swimwear, swimsuits with built-in pockets work really well. It is essential to look for swimwear that has features to keep your breast forms secure while swimming. These pockets need to hold your breast forms in place, give you a natural silhouette and ideally are constructed from breathable material to avoid irritating your skin.  All swimsuits from Gorgeous You have these features and depending on your size can hold up to a D Cup.  Consult the sizing chart or give us a call to help you find the perfect fit.

Gorgeous You's  Slimming Tank


High necklines are great for two reasons, they can help hide scars and they look more natural with a prosthetic as they do not gape, holding the suit flat to the skin.  I feel so much more secure with a high neckline.  Mastectomies can leave scars in the armpit region as well. Swimwear with higher sides can offer more coverage, along with the added benefit of a hiding bulges for a smoother profile.


Adjustable straps help you to customize the fit of your swimsuit to your body and provide a custom fit that can hold breast forms securely in place and let you balance your breasts by raising one strap higher or lower as needed. Halter tops are another good bet, making it easy to adjust strap length, raise the neckline, and tie everything tight.

Check out 2 of our favorites styles that offer high necklines and adjustable straps so you can tailor the level of coverage to suit your needs.

Aruba Pocketed Scoop 

Straps on the Pocketed Slimming Tank



If you are feeling self-conscious, bold prints and patterns in bright colours can take away attention from the chest area specifically. Not to mention the added style of these types of looks. You can also mix and match bottoms and tops to divert the eyes and get a more perfect fit.

The Maui and the Rio are two of our best selling patterns.



If you choose to go flat, remember, breasts aren’t the only thing that can make you look feminine, and sexy.  So many find the confidence of women that choose to forgo reconstruction and prostheses so attractive. Suits featuring cut-out side panels, fringed tops, and rouged detailing are always a good bet. This swimsuit for flat women designed by breast cancer survivor Dana Donofree from AnaOno is one of our favourites.

Cassie Ruffle Swimsuit

Low priced Flat Swimwear


When choosing a swim form you want something lightweight that drys quickly.  Are customers love the Been-A-Boob®. They are exceptionally lightweight, comfortable and cool making them a great choice for swimming.

Been a Boob


It is challenging to find a swimsuit to make you feel good about yourself in the best of circumstances and I found trying swimsuits on with my post mastectomy body in the store very emotional and disheartening. Buying mastectomy swimwear online gives you the opportunity to select a swimsuit and try it on in the comfort of your own home.  With Gorgeous You’s free return policy there is virtually no risk to trying on several shapes and styles and forms until you find the fit that is right for you.

Also we are ALWAYS her to assist you.  Just give us a call or send us an email and we will talk you through an order that is right for you.

We want all our clients to be comfortable in their bodies and get back to the activities they love. Finding the right swimsuit is a big part of that.   Follow these tips we have outlined and you will be back to having fun in the sun in no time.

Lori and Kendra


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