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Lingerie & Garment Care

Due to the delicate nature of the fabrics and elastics used in our lingerie and garments, please pay particular attention to the washing instructions indicated on the website and/or attached to the garment upon receiving your purchase.  Unless otherwise specified, we recommend hand washing.  We cannot accept any responsibility if lingerie or garments have not been properly cared for and damaged as a result.

Lingerie Care:  Please care for your delicates and they will care for you!  Unless otherwise specified, please adhere to the following;

  • DO - hand wash your bras and briefs in lukewarm water
  • DO - use a delicate detergent.
  • DO - line dry
  • DON’T - use harsh detergents such as bleach. This may cause the fabric to bleach or degrade the lace and elastic.
  • DON'T - machine wash your lingerie (even in wash bag) – unless specified as otherwise
  • DON’T - wring them out
  • DON’T – tumble dry the garments
  • DON’T – iron
  • DON’T - dry-clean


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