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Our Story

Every woman has her story
Of being strong, resilient … of being a warrior
Too often these stories involve fighting cancer
Mothers, sisters, daughters, friends…us

I’m Lori, 46, wife, mother of 3, teacher, warrior… survivor
I was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 37
Radiation, chemo, double mastectomy and here I am
Stronger but changed

I’m Kendra, 46, wife, mother of 2, business woman, warrior
I lost my mother, my best friend, to breast cancer at a young age
And here I am
Stronger but changed




Cancer robs us of so much  
But it doesn’t take away who we are at our core – our soul, our spirit
And it shouldn’t strip us of our dignity or our right for things that are stylish, feminine, sexy
When we shop
It should be playful not clinical
Empowering not degrading
Inspiring not deflating
We should have choice and an opportunity
To remind ourselves that we are still

And so we created Gorgeous You





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