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The Bishop Botanicals Story


" My goal with Bishop Botanicals is to provide people with healthier alternatives.  Bishop Botanicals seek to create a beauty brand that is effective and most importantly, made with natural ingredients.  From Soul to Skin."
- Susan H Bishop, Founder and Creator and Certified Aromatherapist Holistic Practitioner
In 2010 at the age of 48 Susan Bishop was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer.
After undergoing surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and hair loss she bounced back but six years later in 2016 she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer for a second time .  
This led her on a journey of research and discovery.  She immersed myself in the study of plant medicine and essential oils and how they can be used to heal. Susan decided to create products with mostly natural  ingredients and reduce harmful chemicals. 
​She went back to school and studied Aromatherapy and shortly after launched Bishop Botanicals. with the goal of being able to offer offer clients a full spectrum of healthier alternative skin care products. ​
By providing these options she hopes to significantly reduce the health effects that so many of us face today - from Soul to Skin.


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