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Billow  - Heart Shaped Recovery Pillow - Gorgeous You

Billow - Heart Shaped Recovery Pillow

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The Billow heart pillow was created for women experiencing  discomfort resulting from surgery, including mastectomy, reconstruction, breast augmentation and breast reduction. 


  • The Heart Pillow is designed to cushion and support the arms and breasts following a mastectomy and lymph node removal.
  • The Heart Pillow gently tucks under the arm to provide relief during the healing process and provides comfortable support while sitting or lying down.  It may also be used for added cushioning under the seat belt when driving or any other time where your sensitive breasts may need some extra cushioning.
  • The Billow Heart Pillow is made of the same luxurious materials as the Billow pillow– you may choose between either eco pure wool or kapok.  The kapok provides a firmer feel while the wool is softer.  As kapok is not treated for flammability it is best to use precaution if burning candles or incense close to any bedding or pillows made with kapok. 
  • The Heart Pillow is approximately 12 inches long and 12 inches wide
  • Like the Billow pillow, it is designed to fit any shape and body size and is a beautiful and caring gift for anyone who is facing breast cancer.

Learn more about the creation of the Billow.

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