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Just Nips - Fake Nipples  That Look Real Available in Canada

Just Nips Fake Nipples

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Just Nips fake nipples provide the perfect perk!  Designed to give you the look of a real nipple from the outside of any top, dress or sweater, Just Nips can be worn directly on your body, breast prosthesis/form, reconstructed breast(s) or atop your bra. 

Wearing Just Nips fake nipples is the most cost-effective approach to filling out your natural breast shape without another trip to the plastic surgeon!  Choose between Cold (smaller protrusion) or Freezing (larger protrusion).   Cold Just Nips are recommended under t-shirts and blouses and Freezing Just Nips, with sweaters and chunky knits.  

  • Each package comes with 2 Just Nips
  • Single Use Only
  • Razor-thin edges will never been seen through a blouse or camisole. 
  • Just Nips adhesives are non-sensitizing and FDA approved so they’re safe to wear even on sensitive skin. All Just Nips Fake Nipples are latex-free 
  • Perfect to mold over any breast or breast form, both silicone and fabric-covered styles
  • Choose between Cold (smaller protrusion) or Freezing (larger protrusion).   
  • Choose between cream or cocoa coloured adhesives

*As healing times vary from person to person, we suggest talking to your doctor before wearing Just Nips over on any incision*

**All Just Nips products are final sale*

Just Nips is a proud supporter of The Keep A Breast Foundation. Their mission is to empower young people around the world with breast health education and support.  keep-a-breast.org


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