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Stylish Fedora with Attached Halo Wig Hair Piece

Knit Fedora with Partial Wig

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With it's fedora-style crown and slightly larger brim, this relaxed-fit piece is perfect for all seasons and styles.  A thin leather strap adds a pop of color and low maintenance style. 

Modern and cost-effective hat/wig combinations for women with hair loss due to cancer, chronic conditions or illness.  Effortless and stylish, these hairpieces are made with partial wigs for the most breathable and comfortable fit. 

Choose from 6 signature hair colors; ash blonde, beige blonde, golden brunette, warm brunette, cool brunette or natural black.  Find your classic shade or have fun exploring a whole new look!  

  • Circumference: 23", Brim: 2.75"
  • Hat: polyester knit; Strap: leather
  • Hair:  synthetic*
  • Hair length ~ 12.5"
  • Breathable
  • Hairpieces are assembled by hand in the United States
*Ethical sourcing of human hair could not be guaranteed and therefore all partial wigs are made of the finest quality and silky soft synthetic hair.

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    Dear Martha uses the finest quality synthetic hair in our pieces. We chose synthetic hair because we could not guarantee the ethical sourcing of human hair, and we did not want that to be a part of our brand. Please refrain from using hot styling tools on hair, including blow dryers on the hot or warm setting. When brushing out the hair, use a wide-tooth comb or paddle brush for best results, or gently finger-comb through.


    Our pieces are designed with long hair in order to suit every length. If the length at purchase is not how you are most comfortable, we suggest you take the headwear to your stylist to have it trimmed to your liking.


    We recommend you store your Panama hat or baseball cap on a hat stand. Hat stands allow the hair to hang loosely and avoid any kinks or tangles. Panama hats can also be stored in their original packaging, on their crown, not their brim. When stored on its brim for long periods of time, either in the original packaging or on a shelf, the brim may change its original shape. Beanies should be stored in their original packaging or laying flat.


    All our  hats should be spot cleaned only with a slightly damp white cloth. Do not use a cloth with dye, as the dye may transfer to the hat. Avoid getting your hat wet. If your hat should get wet, allow it to dry naturally – do not blow dry. For severe stains, we suggest taking your hat to a local hat repair shop or dry cleaner to have it professionally cleaned.


    Hand wash the hair in warm water with non-alkaline shampoo. Wash every 20-30 wears. For best results, allow to air dry indoors. If using a blow dryer, use only on cool setting and do not blow completely dry.



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